Pole Theatre World 2016

Recently, I was a finalist in Pole Theatre World 2016. I was participating in the category Pole Art, where each contestant is given the task to incorporate Poledance with another dancestyle (for example: ballet, hiphop, contemporary, etc). I worked very hard on my fusion of Poledance and Experimental Breakdance: the result you can view below. I had an amazing experience and was happy to show a new routine on stage!


Life can feel like a prison. An endless repeating cycle of moments.

Wake up.
Be normal.
Be right.
Be in place.

The constricting regularity drives you to a feeling where life is just happening around you, a machine that moves you into place, paralyzing your ability to have any feeling other than what is presented to you. Like the pendulum movements of a Newtons Cradle.
No action without reaction. No movement in the system without consequence. There is no escape from the laws, gravity will always pull you back.

This piece examines the realization that all of us have at some moment, that we are all cogs in the machine of life. And the frustration we feel when we know we can reach further than the space given to us by the reality that moves around us.