Uiteraard is het mogelijk om Yvonne te boeken voor een workshop of private; lesgeven is haar passie!

Hieronder alvast een voorproefje van wat er mogelijk is:

COMBO & SPIN FUN All levels         
Learn to spin into some fun new combos on the pole! In this workshop Yvonne will teach you how to proparly execute some badass spins on a static pole, make fluid transition in and out of tricks and ultimately combine it all while still keeping your smile up.

STATIC FLOWS Intermediate / Advanced
What is more fun than spins that start from the pole? Learn how to create flows without touching
the floor in this inspiring workshop.

In the workshop ‘Pole & Floor Creations’ we discover spins, tricks and handstands in the always
interesting space between the pole and the floor.

POLE CHOREO Intermediate / Advanced
This is not your ordinary choreo, it’s choreo Yvonne style! Be prepared for sweat, because there
will be lots of tricks and powermoves in this piece!


Voor meer informatie en boekingen, neem contact op met Yvonne’s management via